"Share the Joy of Music – Bring a Friend!"
Sample of a concert from our past: Hindole Majumdar (Tabla) in concert with Pandit Rupak Kulkarni (Flute), live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Thanks goes to Suncor for donating $200, in lieu of volunteer hours, by their employee Nikhil Rao.  Nikhil chose Edmonton Raga-Mala Music Society as his chosen Charitable Society.

Did you know? Many corporations have special reserved funds for their employees to donate in lieu of volunteer hours to the Charitable Society of their choosing.

Why "Raga-Mala" ?

To say that a 'Raga' is a scale, or a set of notes with a prescribed way of ascending and descending, is an understatement.

A Raga is much more vast than this as it encompasses not only melodic structure, but the vibrations created by the combination of these notes. These vibrations have the ability to stir human emotions, and as such each Raga becomes associated with a certain mood that the performer is trying to establish with his listener. Additionally, these moods are more appropriately expressed at certain times of day — beginning with spiritual and devotional in the morning, and moving towards romance and pathos in the evening. Other Ragas are expressed during seasonal changes where some are played during monsoons, and others are played in Spring.

A skilled musician renders a Raga by taking into consideration nature, time, and human emotion to create a musical experience for the listener.

The word ‘Mala’ literally means a garland. In India, when one wishes to pay respect to someone of high esteem, it is not uncommon to offer them garland of flowers. This gesture can be seen in temples with deities, wedding ceremonies, and other auspicious events.

We, the Edmonton Raga-Mala Music Society, take this opportunity to welcome you, our esteemed audience member, with a garland of ragas, known as Raga Mala.

Thank you to our Funders

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