Raga‑Mala in the Community

The Edmonton Raga-Mala Music Society supports fellow organizations and initiatives for the benefit of the combined Edmonton community.

  • Supports WIN House by providing complimentary tickets to our Classical Indian Music concerts and traditional dances. This helps women to take some time away, and provides an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment of the Fine Arts.
  • Supports ICWA [Indo Canadian Women's Association] by providing a complimentary membership for their annual silent auction.

Raga Mala President Devila Mehta-Karkhanis presents 14 tickets [2 for each concert] to WIN House at the "Basket of Hope" event.

  • Edmonton Raga-Mala Music Society congratulates Ms. Wendy M. Davis, a long time supporter and a patron member of Raga-Mala Music society, on a Bench Placing Ceremony at "Belgravia Arts Park" on June 23rd, 2020. Wendy has generously donated a unique bench that adds to all the other art displayed in the park. Wendy's long time love for India is portrayed on a bench with Indian Art, birds and symbols. Thank you Wendy for all your support and friendship over the years. The Bench has been painted so charmingly, with vibrant and playful colors by our long time Raga-Mala supporter and patron member, multi talented Ms. Asma Buney. Asma migrated to Vancouver, and we miss her very much.

  • Co-sponsored a benefit concert for Norquest College's "1000 Women – A Million Possibilities" with Rohit Group of Companies and Image India.

“Earth Speaks” Benefit Concert. Devila Mehta-Karkhanis represents Raga-Mala in a co-sponsored event. All the proceeds generously donated to support “1000 Women: A Million Possibilities” initiatives for the students at Norquest College.

  • Sponsored KJ Academy of Indian Music for their Samarpan Festival of Indian Music and Dance
  • Sponsored Alberta Arts and Cultural Talent Showcase (AACTS) for two Carnatic concerts.
  • Sponsored Image India for Karthik Iyer concert.
  • Sponsored Moksha Consulting for a tabla solo concert featuring Pandit Yogesh Samsi
  • Sponsored Sadhna Music and Dance Academy for a Kathak dance concert featuring Pandit Birju Maharaj